Bag styles

Variety of applications: Packaging machines pack numerous products into a broad range of bag shapes


Whether you aim the efficient packaging of powder, granules, bulky, pasty or liquid products, such as frozen foods – our packaging machines are able to form, fill and seal a broad range of attractive bag shapes.

Which product into which bag? With which packaging machines?

WOLF packging machines cover a broad range of applications for the packaging of food and other products from the chemical, pharmaceutical, detergent and small-sized non-food items …

Our specialists are highly familiarized with the particularities of the food and non-food industries. They possess an extensive experience from more than 2000 projects which cover a wide range of products. And will therefore be able to find the perfect, low-cost solution for your application.

Here, you will be able to gain an initial overview which bag shapes are preferably made on which WOLF packaging machines.

Pillow bag

Pillow bags Pillow bags with euroslot Pillow bags with
round hole
Chain bags


Suitable packaging machines:

Vertical packaging machines VPC, VPD, VPZEP “Easy Pack”

Horizontal packaging machine HV

Stand-up bags

All stand-up bags can also be manufactured with a euroslot or round hole.

Front view central longitudinal seam longitudinal seam


Suitable packaging machines:

Vertical packaging machines VPCVPD

Gusseted bag

Gusseted bag central longitudinal seam longitudinal seam

Suitable packaging machines:

Vertical packaging machines VPCVPD

Horizontal packaging machine HV

Stabil-Pack – Quadro seal

Longitudinal seam central longitudinal seam


Suitable packaging machines:

Vertical packaging machines VPCVPD

Stand-up bags with clip closure

Additional equipment of the machines with a clip device.


Front view central longitudinal seam longitudinal seam


Suitable packaging machine:

Top closing machine KVM

Vertical packaging machines VPCVPD


Block bottom bag – Brickpack

with a) resealable label, b) double-folded top seam

a) central longitudinal seam a) longitudinal seam b) block bottom bag b) central longitudinal seam


Suitable machine type:

Top closing machine KVM


“Bag in Box”

Combination of vertical or horizontal baggers with a

Horizontal or vertical cartoning machine

Bag in Box 3-side-sealed bag,


Suitable machine types:

Vertical packaging machines VPCVPD

Vertical cartoning line VCM

Doy style bag

Suitable machine types:

Vertical packaging machines: VPD

Pyramid bag:

Suitable machine type:

Vertical packaging machine: VPZ

Premade spouted pouch

Suitable machine types:

Optima packaging machines: MPS, optiPouch