Cup feeder

WOLF cup feeder VD – uniquely efficient and functionally reliable.

The VD cup feeders offer a high dosing performance and accuracy, an excellent price-performance ratio and a fast amortization.

The WOLF type VD cup feeders are especially robust, reliable and durable due to the integration of endurance tested component. Virtually wear- and maintenance-free.

Possible use as “Stand-Alone-Solution” for the direct filling
or synchronized with a downstream packaging machine.

The cup feeders VD 2, VD 6, VD 8 operate with safe and reliable functions

The upper and lower halves of the cup can be set telesopically to the required dosing volume from 5-7500 cm3.

The dosing cups are continuously filled and emptied during the rotation of the dosing disk.

The different types of cup feeders are utilized depending on the dosing quantity:

Cup feeder type VD 8 – with 8 variable dosing cups

Cup feeder type VD 6 – with 6 variable dosing cups

Cup feeder type VD 2 – with 2 variable dosing cups, pneumatic drive

Especially for small dosing amounts between 5 and 50 cm3:

Cup feeder type VD 8 M –  up to 100 portioning cycles/min, pneumatic drive

Product hoppers are available in two variations:

  • Cone-shaped for free-flowing goods
  • Cylindrical shaped for fragile, sluggish, difficult flowing goods

Depending on the product characteristics with flap cliosure or stationary disc.

High dosing performance, up to 160 cycles /min with a stationary disc proportioning system.

Filling accuracy: Deviation is only between 0.2 and 2% depending on type of product.

Maximum cost effectiveness and functional reliability due to frequency-controlled drive technology – optionally also servo drive

Parts in contact with product are made of hygienic stainless steel.

Even greater efficiency with more optional equipment

  • Tendency control
  • Stripping brushes
  • Level scanning
  • Dust proof housing
  • Easy exchange sets of cups
  • Cups made of stainless steel or plastic material