Zip applicator

Zip applicator from Wolf for consumer-friendly reclosable bags.

The zip-strip is fed from the role of the applicator and is precisely fixed during the sealing process of the top seam. Efficiently integrated into the packaging process (FFS).














The zipper is the ideal consumer-friendly sealing solution mainly for the packaging in bags for snacks, dried fruits, grated cheese, coffee, tea and spices. Aroma and taste are preserved even if the package was opened.

The zip-strip is sealed-in during the sealing process of the top seam at stand-up bags, gusseted and Stabil-Pack bags. The end user can easily open the bag, and reclose it to protect the content.

The WOLF zip-applicator can reach a cycle rate of 75 cycles/min with a zip length of up to 200 mm.

Thereby, the entire range of design and materials for various zip-strips can be utilized.