Vertical Bag in Box cartoning line VCM 10

Portfolio Description

The fully automatic vertical cartoning line provides a peak performance for the bag-in-box packaging process. Less than 50% requirement of a conventional cartoning line.

In combination with an intermittently or continuously operating form, fill and seal machine, the vertical cartoning line will function as a fully automatic PLC-controlled cartoning line with the highest degree of availability.

With a form, fill and seal machine as the filling module, it is possible to reach a Performance of up to 80 bags/min. With two form, fill and seal machines, the packaging performance is increased to 120 bags/min.

  • Proven and future-compliant machine technology
  • Compact design, lowest footprint
  • For pre-glued folding boxes
  • For powdery, and pourable products
  • Additions, such as portioning spoons, is possible without difficulties

Bag forming, bag filling, packing into pre-glued folding cartons, sealing of the top – the entire process is carried out with efficient cycled steps.

Thanks to the servo drives – also for the folding carton blank magazine, rotary feeder, discharge belts – the cartoning line operates virtually wear and maintenance-free.

Further advantages at a glance

  • Actuated folding carton blank magazine
  • Rotary Feeder with 3 heads
  • Servo drives
  • Format change in 10 minutes
  • Actuated discharge conveyors
  • PLC controller
  • The packaging machine and cartoner are operated with only one operating display

Safe and easy to use. Incorrect operation is virtually impossible

Free programmable PLC control of cartoning line. Specific production programs can be pre-installed.

The form, fill and seal machine and cartoner can be safely operated via the user-friendly touch screen.

Even more cost-effectiveness due to individual customer-specific options:

  • Adding of a portioning spoon
  • Print or embossing units
  • Modem Connection for data transmission
  • PC connection