Form, fill and seal machine EPS 250

Portfolio Description

Experience, how incredibly inexpensive  your packaging process can actually be: the new WOLF VFFS machine EPS 250.

With an integrated multi-head weigher and metal detector of almost any type, the EPS 250 respresents an unbeatable system for the packaging of extruded snacks, potato chips, nuts and sweets of any kind.

Test our new vertical packaging machine EPS 250:

  • Continuous operating mode
  • For all heat-sealable wrapping materials
  • For pillow bags (also with euro and round hole), chain bags
  • For bag widths of 50-250 mm
  • Filling volume up to 6000 cm3
  • Up to 150 bags/min.

With absolutely low investment costs and low operating costs, you are able to achieve high yields and quick return on investment.

Sophisticated technology for a, up to now, unmatched economic and secure form-fill-and-sealing process – beneficial details at a glance

Nearly wear and maintenance-free operation with servo drives for movement and support functions. Reliability and accuracy for the entire packaging process. Also suitable for sensitive products.

Precise dosing is performed immediately after the bottom sealing, via synchronously timed dispensing facilities, for example, with cup or auger feeders, scales or pumps.

  • Quick and easy format change
  • Compact, user-friendly machine design
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Color touch panel
  • Electronic bag length control
  • Photocell control for precise positioning of printed wrapping material
  • Servo driven cross sealing station
  • Servo driven film draw-down
  • Adjustable sealing times
  • Adjustable stroke of cross sealing jaws depending on bag size
  • Mechanically driven longitudinal jaws
  • Film width up to 520 mm, pneumatic film tensioning shaft
  • Safety protection doors with magnet locks

Safe operation, efficient conversion

The EPS 250 is consistently designed user-friendly, concerning the hardware and software.

Up to 100 programs can be installed for the programmable logic control.

All production parameters can be adjusted via the colored touch panel. A logic check prevents incorrect entries. An easy and safe conversion from the front.