Auger feeders

1-2-1-1-wolf-verpackungsmaschinen-sd25-sd50-sd80Servo driven auger feeders from Wolf for the highest degree of performance and dosing precision:
SD 25 Servo, SD 50 Servo and SD 80 Servo

If powdery or fine-grained products must be dispensed in a particularly gentle and dust free manner, the WOLF auger dosing units will absolutely convince with their dosing accuracy and performance of up to 160 cycles/min in volume ranges from 0.5 up to 20000 cm3.

This also applies to free flowing and sluggish, fresh, sticky and dust-generating products, for example, spices, coffee, Baby food, chemical and pharmaceutical powders and granules.

The servo driven auger feeder from WOLF are used as a stand-alone unit for the direct filling into according receptacles. And also synchronized with a packaging machine.

The high dosing accuracy, without variations of the bulk weight, avoids overfilling and saves the products to be packed.

  • The highest degree of weight accuracy due to servo drives and modern electronics, which enables a continuous, precise adjustment of the auger rotation.
  • Reduced overfilling saves material, standard deviations of +/-0.5%.
  • This will provide a quick amortisation, often within one year.

The highly beneficial and rugged technology of the servo driven auger feeder at a glance

  • Hinged hoppers with viewing window
  • SD 25 and SD 50 are made of aluminium, stainless steel optional
  • SD 80 is made of stainless steel by default
  • Easy to clean in case of production changeover
  • Separate stirrer drive
  • Electronic controller
  • Adjustable auger speed
  • Dosing auger rotating inside the filling tube
  • Their diameter and inclination exactly determines the dosing volume
  • Different feeders and closing systems depending on the product.

Even greater efficiency through more equipment options

  • Horizontal infeed auger
  • Transfer hoppers
  • Product-specific dosing auger
  • Product-specific filling tube closing systems
  • Gas flushing device for residual oxygen below 1%
  • Frequency-controlled version
  • Vibrating units
  • Tendency control

The compact design of the WOLF servo driven auger doser fulfills the highest hygiene requirements.