Form, fill and seal machine VPC-L 250 Liquid Master

Portfolio Description

With the WOLF Liquid Master, liquid products (food and non-food) can be packed safely, efficiently and cost-effectively into medium to large volume bags

Are you packing liquid products like washing emulsions, liquid soaps, mustard, sauces, ketchup, sauerkraut, jams? Then the VPC-L 250 Liquid Master is the efficient solution.

This packaging machine was consequently developed by WOLF for the liquid packaging industry:

  • Continuous motion
  • A special Motor driven roller system guarantees product-free seals.
  • For bags up to 5 liters filling volume
  • Performance up to 100 bags/min
  • Protection class IP 64

Highly economical and reliable operating mode. Virtually wear and maintenance-free.

  • Function movement via servo motors
  • Simple, quick format change
  • Hygienic design meets the highest requirements, stainless steel version
  • Compact, user-friendly design
  • PLC control
  • Color touch panel
  • Electronic control for bag length
  • Photocell control for a precise positioning of printed wrapping material
  • Servo driven cross sealing station
  • Servo driven film draw-down
  • Adjustable sealing times
  • Motorized wrapping material adjustment
  • Adjustable stroke of cross sealing jaws depending on bag size
  • Unilaterally suspended pneumatical film tensioning shaft
  • Safety protection doors

Safe operation, efficient conversion

The WOLF packaging machine VPC-L 250 Liquid Master is consistently user friendly in terms of hardware and software. Up to 100 production programs can be stored in the Memory for the programmable control. All production parameters can be set via color touch panel. The logic control prevents our of range entries. The entire machine handling is perfomed quickly and comfortably at the front of the machine.