Top closing machines

1-1-3-wolf-verpackungsmaschinen-kvm-10Top closing machines for a creative top closure design – for the most cost-effective packaging of free-flowing and powdery products into sale promoting stand-up and block bottom bags.

Immediately gain more marketing and cost efficiency with the top closing machines from WOLF – for market and consumer-friendly block bottom and stand-up bags:

  • More flexibility through various packaging shapes
  • Brick pack with sealed down top seam
  • 180° foled head seam, closed
  • Bag with clip closure
  • Peel seam, adhesive strip or Label closure
  • Re-closable with integrated spout in “Presenter” design

The proven WOLF bag technology offers even more tangible benefits:

  • Reduced costs for wrapping material by usingvery thin, low-cost packaging materials
  • High sales Impact due to an exceptional advertising effect, similar to a folding carton
  • Space savings because of compact stackable bags
  • Reduced logistics costs by saving of transport packaging, energy and storage space

Broad variety of bags with the top closing  machine

Block bottom bag with
longitudinal seam
Block bottom bag
with a
top seam
Block bottom bag central
longitudinal seam

Modular assemblies, efficient technology, highest availability

Servo drives for all machine functions, reliable, precise and nearly wear and maintenance-free. The Top closing machine only requires little space – from the tube forming and filling module to the closure module, including the stations for product compaction, top seam closure and bag top shaping.

Due to this consistent modularity, the system can be optimally adapted to customer-specific packaging tasks and requirements.

The top closing machine is available in three versions, as

  • KVM 8  – cup middle distance 8 inches
  • KVM 10 – cup middle distance 10 inches
  • KVM 12 – cup middle distance 12 inches

In addition, there are even more customer-specific options:

  • Print or embossing units
  • Additional label attachment
  • Customer-specific feed and transport systems
  • Modem Connection to the remote data transmission
  • PC connection

Safe, simple and convenient operation. Incorrect operation is virtually impossible

With WOLF packaging machines operating errors are virtually impossible. A flexible PLC control monitors, adjusts and optimizes all machine functions and product parameters. The customer requested production data is pre-installed in the program memory (up to 100 programs).

The parameters can be monitored and adjusted via the user-friendly touch screen. Incorrect entries are prevented.