2x Jong gebruikte Wolf VPC-H 180

2x Jong gebruikte Wolf VPC-H 180

Wolf verticale vorm-, vul- en sluitmachine VPC-H 180 (bj. 2014). Deze VVVS machine heeft een zeer lage product valhoogte. Net als elke Wolf verpakkingsmachine overtuigt de VPC-H 180 met de beste prestaties, een zeer hoge mate van betrouwbaarheid, de nieuwste technologieën en een zeer aantrekkelijke prijs.

Consisting of:

– Capsule feeding and loading system (could be dismantled/ removed for use with another dosing
system like Multiheadweigher, cupdoser, auger powderfiller or liquid filler)

– Wolf VPC-H 180 HS
Fully automatic high performance vertical form-, fill- and seal machine for the handling of heat sealable packaging materials from the flat film web.
                Extremely small height enables shortest drop distances for reaching an highest output.
– mode operations: continuously
– memory for 100 programs
– coloured touch screen (ALLEN BRADLEY)
– HMI on swivelling arm
– all operational parameters such as draw-down length, sealing time and speed are programmable
– error indication on the display
– dust proof housing painted
– extendible control cabinet inside machine housing
– two belt film transport, SERVO driven (ROCKWELL)
– bag length control
– film cross adjustment by movable film carrier, motorical driven
– bag length adjustable (in mm)
– photocell unit for print mark detection
– cross sealing jaws, SERVO driven (ROCKWEL)
– electronic temperature control
– cross jaw safety system
– cross jaw opening adjustable
– cutting knife, pneumatically operated
– vertical sealing tool, pneumatically operated
– safety doors

Technical data:

Bag width:                       50 to 150 mm, with other sealing tools 180 mm width is also possible
Bag length:                      80 to 200, with software upgrade till 350 mm possible
Machine speed:              max. 180 bags/min.,
                                          Depending on product and wrapping material
Electrical data:                400 V, 25/60 Hz, 3 Ph, N
Air supply:                       approx.. 40 ltr. At 6 bar
Machine weight:             approx.. 950 kg

Basic machine incl.:
1 set of standard sealing tools

Machine equipped with special forming part consisting of forming shoulder, forming tube and support. Completely assembled as a quick exchange unit for one bag dimension. Used on gusseted bags width ca. 40-45 mm, length ca.80 mm

Special execution with integrated gas-flushing channels.

Chute in special executing for the transfer of the bags to a subsequent transport system.

Swivelled chute possible.
1 pneumatical film reel spindle, mounted one sided

Mounted options:

– Housing top plate, short execution
For the mounting of a dosing unit on a form, fill and seal machine
Aluminium anodized

– Film unwinding in special execution
                Motor instead of magnetic break

– Air conditioning for control cabinet

– Automatic edge control
                For the correction of the film centre line during the packaging process.

– Pre-warning for film reel end
                Indication on the machine panel
                Synchronisation with signal light

– Signal lights
                3 coloured

– Gas flushing in forming tube
                For increased shelf life of the product
                By gas flushing during packaging.

– Gusseting device
                For gusseted bags
                Mechanically guided, pneumatically actuated
                Gusset former

– Tear notch device, vertical
                To realize a tear notch in the cross sealing, fixed position
                Cutting knife standard or special executing for tear notch

– Splice detection
                To detect film parts vested with a splicing tape.
                After detection of the splice, the machine will stop.
                Ultrasonic sensor mounted on the film course.
                Synchronisation with packaging machine

– Splicing and cutting board
               For the manual splicing of the new film on the old one when changing.film reels to reduce down times.
               Film cutting table.
               Film guiding rollers.
               Pneumatically activated clamping strip.
               Holding device for the mounting on the film carrier.

– Vacuum assisted draw-down belt system
Consisting of:
– vacuum pump
– vacuumsuction chamber
– Vacuum distributor
– Vacuummeter
– Vacuumpiping
– Synchronisation with vffs machine

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